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Customer Testimonials

Becky is a wonderful massage therapist! She caters to your requests during your time and lets you relax. She will talk a couple of minutes at the beginning and then let you  relax the rest of the time, which I LOVE!! I highly recommend her. Reasonable pricing as well:) She always gets back to me on time and gets me scheduled in a timely manner. Thank you Becky!                                                                                                                                                                                         -Paige H-

Had my first massage with Becky today and she did a fantastic job! Her technique is great for working out tight muscles. 90 minute massage was definitely worth it. I will be back.

-Tina F-

Called last minute looking for someone to get me in, haven’t had a professional massage in over 5 years and I always went to Lawrence. Gave Becky a call and she could get me in the next day! How awesome is that. Please to get in so soon. Feel so relaxed and ready to take on the day. Will be going back. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and professionalism.

-Barb W-

Becky is amazing! I Love how she works all muscles and joints , from my hands to my feet! The atmosphere of the office is soothing and so relaxing- it is the best hour I have ever treated myself to. If you try her once, you will want to come back!!

-Kathy T-

She was amazing, I was super sore from a new workout routine and she worked all the tension right out! I will be back again.

-Tasha C-

I always get a lot of neck and back tension because of working on the computer for countless hours. I had tried two other massage therapists before Becky but they didn’t help. I scheduled a 90 minutes massage session with Becky last week and what she did was magic. All tension and pain just disappeared and I feel energetic. I’m definitely coming back.

-Saud O-

Wow! I feel so much better after my massage. I didn't want it to end. This massage was well worth it. Thanks, Becky

-Louise S-

Now the morning after massage and my neck and shoulders feel great! Thanks Becky I'll be back again again and again.

-Carol M-

Becky was recommended to me by a friend who goes to her monthly. I was having neck, shoulder & arm pain. She worked out all the sore spots & I feel so much better! Will definitely return as a very satisfied client!

-Connie B-

I loved my massage, when I went in my neck and shoulders where sore the massage helped. I hadn't had a good massage for over a year. I'm definitely coming back.

-Carol M-

Delightful hour spent with Becky. She knows her stuff. I am grateful to have found her!! Thanks Becky!

-Chris P-

Becky gives an efficient and effective massage. Her facility is spotless!

-Diana E-

Best massage I've had in 20 years. Complete over all workout; I felt like I was in there for hours. Loved the way she isolated and worked each muscle group. If I'm ever in Topeka again......

-Paula K-

Topnotch massage in a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music and gurgling water. Becky was very professional and she was able to drain away all my built up muscle tensions. I'll definitely return.

-Evelyn D-

Wow! Becky is amazing!!!! Her techniques and strength is very impressive. I am now a regular and plan to be for a looooong time.

-Lisa L-

OMG best massage ever. I felt fabulous when I left and looking forward to another one soon. Becky did a great job and recommend her to all I meet.

-Agnes G-

I had 2nd massage with Becky and she does a real good job. I recommend all people have a massage from her and feel better.Go call her.

-Jesus A-

My first massage, very professional, so peaceful and relaxing. I felt great right after the massage and even better the next day. I highly recommend Becky. I can't wait to go back. Thanks so much.

-Bruce P-

A friend recommended I go to Becky for a massage. She had been to her and found her to be exceptional in her manner and techniques. I went and will be going back. It is now several hours after the massage and I still feel very relaxed and no stress. Please try her and you will be going back as well. Thank you Becky.

-Sharyl W-

Everything about Massage by Becky is focused on relaxation -- from the quiet, peaceful room to the unbelievable massage! Becky's massages are SOOOO relaxing & her technique is unlike any I've experienced before. I would highly recommend Becky -- you deserve the best, and that's what you'll receive with Becky!

-Jan K-

I can't recommend Becky enough. I have been a client for many years. She has a great technique unlike any other professional I have been to. Her new space is beautiful and relaxing. You will benefit from the great experience and be back for many more.

-Jenn B-

Becky is my new best friend! I have treated myself to a "Becky" massage once a month for the past several months and will continue to do so in order to experience the wonderful benefits it provides. Becky's massages are unsurpassed by any I have ever had.

-Becky S-

I have been getting massages with Becky once a month for over two years.She is extremely professional and the workplace is always clean. Being a big guy I especially enjoy her strong hands and technique in relieving my aches and pains. I would recommend her to anyone.

-Paul S-

I went to Becky for the 1st time a week ago & it was by far the best massage I've had in a long time- will be going back again this week! I would highly recommend her - she's great!!

-Lisa H-

Today is a special day for me because I'm treating myself to a massage by Becky, at the end of a very busy school day. Since I've been in charge of obtaining interpreters for TPS graduations as well as Michele Obama's appearance, work has been a tad stressful. After an hour with Becky, massaging all of this stress away, I'll feel like a new person!!! Her deep muscle massage relaxes me so much that I wonder if I'm floating down the hall towards my car. Thank you, Becky, for such a treat!!!!

-Trish G-

I have been to many massage therapists, but Becky is my favorite. She is thorough and has a technique unlike anyone else. I highly recommend Becky!

-Connie B-

Becky has been the sole massage therapist at The Woodward Inns for many years now. I am very particular about the quality of massage therapy for my guests. I have personally had massage every week all of my adult life and Becky really knows her profession! Thanks, Becky for continuing to be here for me and the guests at The Woodward Inns.

-Elizabeth T-

I love massages by Becky. She has magic hands that can always find just the right spot to work out and make my body feel better. I highly recommend her to everyone!!

-Jeni H-

Becky gives a great deep tissue massage! In with knots, and out without!

-Becky M-

I am a Dental Hygienist and have a lot of shoulder and neck tension. Becky was recommended by a friend and I am so glad. She is very thorough and keeps me able to do my job. I always leave very satisfied and pain free.

-Debby M-

I have had other massages, but Becky's are far and away the best. She zeros in on your tension spots and works her magic. I always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

-Sarah C-

I never had a real massage by somebody who knows what they're doin, very good, I will be goin back. Thanks Becky

-Wayland C-

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